How You Can Benefit From Hiring An Architect

If you’re like most homeowners, you probably dream of one day hiring a Cape Cod architect and get the chance to complete a major home-remodeling project. I’m talking about that once in a lifetime kind of renovation design that dramatically changes how you live, energizes the entire household, and makes all the neighbors jealous. Whether you’ve always wanted to expand the kitchen, or maybe install French doors leading to a big wraparound deck, regardless of what your dream entails, all major remodeling projects can benefit from the expert design help of an experienced, licensed architect.

I know what you’re probably thinking, architects are way too expensive and not necessary during today’s economic roller coaster. The truth is, architects are well worth the extra cost on small and large remodeling jobs. The right architect will provide thoughtful evaluation and design, while meeting and often exceeding your expectations. Sometimes depending on the size or complexity of the remodeling, calling in an architect might be the only way to get the project off the ground. INTEGRATA architecture + construction explains why you should consider taking the plunge if you’re finally ready to make your dream home vision a reality.

See The Big Picture

An architect has the training and skill to produce a detailed design that’s sensitive to the architecture of your existing home, and that’s based on your particular needs and desires. What truly makes an architect valuable is the ability to develop and refine a vision of the completed project that you can see and understand. Architects are experts at seeing not only the big picture, but also the hundreds of tiny steps between concept and completion. Before you settle on a candidate, carefully consider the firm’s past designs and gauge whether its vision for your house meshes with your own.

Handle The Paperwork

Behind the pretty face of a home are the skeletal bones of the building, and it’s the architect’s job to design the project to satisfy building codes and specific structural demands. Striking that balance between aesthetic beauty and structural safety is not easy, and requires a vast knowledge of various building materials and construction techniques. A good architect knows the building code, and alternative ways to solving structural problems, while also preparing the documentation necessary to acquire all the various building permits. Hiring a pro makes sure your renovation plays by the rules, which can ultimately save you time and money.

Oversee The Job

Once the initial design phase is finally completed, you now get to decide how involved the architect is in the actual day-to-day construction of the project. You can hire a Cape Cod architect just to only design the project and create all the necessary drawings, while then having no further involvement. However, you also have the option to have the architect to fully manage the project by hiring subcontractors, establishing the work schedule and confirming that all work is done properly and according to the final plan. This helps ensure proper execution of your design plans during the building process.


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