The Importance of A Good Architect

Your home is probably the biggest purchase and asset you’ll own in your life. Like most homeowners, we want to transform our living space into the ideal dream home. When it comes to planning major alterations, extensions or even building a brand new home, you need to get the very best team together to plan, design and build your project in the most efficient way. Recruiting a great architect, like should be your first point of call.

Many of us get inspired to transform our properties by watching architectural reality television shows. Amidst the excitement of the prospect of starting a new venture, you may think that a building project can easily be taken on. Right? Actually, it’s wrong. The reality of fulfilling the role of client, designer and project manager all by yourself is not as simple as you may think, and will leave you battling your own inexperience to overcome a mammoth set of challenges.

Why take unnecessary risks with your largest asset, your home? When embarking on any building project, it is important to be a realistic, as even the smallest mistake could equate to big costs. Remember, you’re not a superhero. Be pragmatic, set yourself achievable goals and use the professional knowledge and experience of an architect, like INTEGRATA architecture + construction. They will help to realize your project aspirations safely, guiding your through the design and construction process, on time and within budget.

What Does An Architect Do?

Many people really do not understand the full benefits they’ll receive for working with an architect, sure they design, but what else? There’s much more to it than doing a few drawings. Architectural services extend well beyond the paperwork, and can provide you with all of the architectural services that you require, for any stage of your construction project. A great architect brings value for your money to the development, imagination, project management, and design flair to any home project.

1. Advise and help you to develop your brief (your wish list) by understanding you & your family. This will help them to make your vision a reality, considering the site, your taste, lifestyle and your budget.

2. Incorporate innovative and imaginative design solutions that work for your project, reducing costs, & generating ideas to add value to your property.

3. Prepare drawings and documents to submit for planning approval to achieve permission upon the first submission saving time, stress and money.

4. Submit drawings for Planning Approval on your behalf and liaise with the planning authority to provide additional information if required.

5. Once planning approval is achieved they will prepare technical drawings for Building Control Approval.

6. Advise on quality consultants and contractors.

7. Assemble the project team, finding the best consultants / contractors to do the job with the available budget and timescales.

8. Co-ordinate and lead your project team through the design and construction process safely in accordance with up to date legislation until completion.

9. Manage time, the process, people, problems that may arise and most importantly, your budget!

10. Bring added value to your scheme to maximize your investment.

Architects Add Value

Without the expert knowledge, experience and protection of using a Cape Cod Architect, your home project is an extremely high risk venture. Working with an architect will get you a special home that is tailored to your needs and maximizes the value with your available budget. Using their experience and professional accreditation strongly manages your risks and avoids potential problems. At project completion, you will enjoy the experience of your new home, unstressed, and without many of the battle scars.


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