What Architects Want You To Know

We spoke with one of the best Cape Cod architect in town, at INTEGRATA architecture + construction, to get the inside scoop on what architects do, where they find inspiration and what you should know before you hire one for your project. An architect has the training and skill to produce a detailed design that’s sensitive to the architecture of your existing home, and based on your particular needs and desires.

What truly makes an architect valuable is the ability to develop and refine a vision of the completed project that you can see and understand. Architects are experts at seeing not only the big picture, but also the hundreds of tiny steps between concept and completion. Before you settle on a candidate, carefully consider the firm’s past designs and gauge whether its vision for your house meshes with your own.

What Do Architects Do?
Architects plan and design buildings and coordinate construction. Mostly all U.S. states require licensed architects to have specialized education and experience, and to also pass a very rigorous exam.

What We Want You To Know    

1. Be An Active Participant In The Design Process. While it’s true that the actual work of design is the architect’s responsibility, but it’s really your responsibility to be upfront about your budget and expectations and give candid feedback. The ideal client is honest, open, flexible, realistic and decisive. Being open to your architect’s ideas and making decisions in a timely fashion will help your project run much more smoothly.

2. We Can Oversee Any project From Start To Finish. Whether it’s a large-scale renovation or building your dream home from scratch, if you have a major home project to tackle, you may be wondering where to begin. The first call to make should be to an architect. These pros have the skills and training needed to keep your project running smoothly, while coordinating your entire design and construction team.

3. We Can Translate Your Needs Into A Functional And Beautiful Structure. You should turn to an architect when you want ensure your project has beauty, utility, and economy. Architects work with challenging sites, listen to your needs, and fully express them in a unique design perfectly tailored to you. Choosing to go with an experienced architect from the beginning, can help you avoid a lot of heartache and money.

4. We Are With You On Your Journey. I would say choosing an architect is a bit like choosing someone to go for a long hike with you, says INTEGRATA architecture + construction. There needs to be plenty of trust, empathy, common vision, good communication and mutual respect. The right Cape Cod architect will provide you with thoughtful evaluation and design, while also meeting and mostly always exceeding your every expectation.

INTEGRATA architecture + construction provide client-specific architectural designs that integrate multiple building systems to maximize efficiency, functionality and aesthetics. Unlike other architecture firms, we also provide construction management services, which enable us to ensure proper execution of our design plans during the building process.


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